Citadel Technology Support Services

Our support services (CitadelCare) are designed to ensure that incidents and requests are anticipated or dealt with promptly, by our professional and friendly UK-based team.

We ensure that our valued clients receive the best possible service. Our experienced team of workspace, platform and innovation engineers work hard to ensure we provide a great proactive service to make your business more efficient, safe and reliable. Using our monitoring systems, we can see failed log ins and can reach out to you to offer our support and care at that time.

Key Highlights

  • UK Service Desk
  • Platform Monitoring
  • Proactive Patching
  • Customer Centric Portal Support
  • Proactive Maintenance
  • Emergency Maintenance

Optimal Uptime

We pride ourselves in striving towards offering maximum uptime for all our customers. Experiencing downtime when you have got a business to run is just no good – that’s why we constantly monitor our servers, ensuring that your business experiences only a small amount of downtime each year. Or even better, none!

You can see for yourself the uptime of our Citadel desktop, our datacentres and our email services, showing records for the last 90 days.

Platform Status Page

Early Life Support

At Citadel Technology, we don’t want our customers to feel like they are hung out to dry, especially when moving to the cloud for the first time. That’s why we are different from other providers. Our team will take the time to check in with you, answers any questions you may have and fix any re-occurring problems early on so that they do not happen in the future.

Platform Monitoring

You have peace of mind knowing that your hosted desktop is monitored 24/7, in our secure UK-based datacentres. Our monitoring is in place to catch and prevent problems or issues before they affect your system and platform uptime. If your server was to go down, then it will be up and running in no time.

Responsive SLAs

Even though we have agreed service level agreements in place, the Citadel team are quick to react to support tickets. We make sure that we do what needs to be done, in which 60% of our tickets are seen to as they are submitted. In the unlikely event of a system suffering from an issue, affecting uptime, the Citadel team are readily available to assist immediately. We will work to bring your system back online as soon as possible.

If there is a problem which may require some more time from our support team, the Citadel team will make sure that you are updated and stay in the loop at all times.


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