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To remain competitive, businesses must ensure that they have the tools they need to communicate with their customers. Although voice is no longer the default mode of communication, it is more crucial than ever to provide customers with a full variety of methods to engage. Companies can improve engagement by using several channels to improve customer service and response time, including voice, live chat, email and video.

Many firms now use solutions from many vendors for communication. Employees waste time switching between tools or waiting for a response, and firms pay for underutilised apps. Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) offers an integrated approach that connects different channels into a single solution and adds collaboration options like document and screen sharing.

Benefits of Citadel Hosted VoIP

Less time wasted: users may transition from one communication channel to another instantaneously, working with coworkers and enhancing efficiency and productivity; they don’t have to wait for others to switch applications, install software, or book a conference call.

Improved customer service: By integrating with Citadel telephony, incoming customer inquiries may be routed to the most relevant employee, who can then check coworker availability and bring them into the discussion or schedule an online meeting to quickly handle any difficulties.

Agility: Because of the cloud-based service’s inherent flexibility and scalability, adjustments may be made quickly to accommodate changing business requirements.

Low, predictable costs: Online communication channels and inclusive minutes to UK landlines and mobiles are given for a flat monthly fee per user.Cost savings: from reduced travel costs, and expenditure savings from not having to subscribe to multiple communications platforms.

Reduced IT overheads: Administration tasks are simplified by the Citadel Technology administration interface, and users may make day-to-day adjustments without contacting IT support.

Common interface: The user interface is consistent across all supported mobile devices and desktops, improving the user experience, reducing learning time, and encouraging adoption.

Hardware funding: Zero cost devices as part of your VoIP subscription.

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Key Features

Instant messaging: Live chat that is faster and produces a more immediate response than email.

Presence: awareness of coworkers’ availability (for example, to assist in problem resolution).

Video conferencing: enhancing collaboration, particularly for remote workers.

Voice: Citadel’s comprehensive cloud-based telephony feature set and service.

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