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Secure Hosted Remote Desktop and Cloud Solution Specialists

Hosted Desktop providers and cloud services specialists, there are plenty of them out there. Then there’s Citadel Technology. We like to do more for our clients and provide a platform so they can just work and not focus on IT issues, all for a simple monthly fee that includes all licensing. We have built our IT services centred around our Tier 3 hosted desktop, Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) and Azure solutions, combined with our friendly and professional desktop as a service (DaaS) support and you will be able to always “just work”, wherever and whenever.

We work with businesses large and small and offer a great level of expertise and service with a simple monthly fee. We provide an innovative, fully managed hosted desktop solution, which is feature-rich providing all of the primary requirements for business users to share documents and data and use business applications wherever they are working from, and from whatever device they use.

Hosted Desktop and Applications Services to suit every requirement

Your Business in the Cloud

Moving to the cloud brings benefits for businesses reducing running costs, increasing security and offering agility and resilience to respond to business needs. You can modernise your business and workspace environments to help you save £s.

Secure UK Hosted Desktops

Flexible working anytime, anywhere and continuity of working with any device, with enhanced security and all from our Citadel Bubble. Take a look at the Citadel Connect: A compact, powerful device, ready to connect to Citadel’s Hosted Desktop.

Azure and Microsoft 365

We help our clients to be productive wherever they are, working faster and smarter. We can help you to have the best Azure and Microsoft 365 experience directly from your Citadel Hosted Desktop as a full unified solution, all via the cloud.

Citadel Technology’s hosted desktop enhances security and delivers an exceptional unified user experience all from its Citadel App Hub. Each user is provisioned with their own secure desktop, accessed via Citadel App Hub from all common devices and platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux, Android and Windows Phones or from our Citadel Connect device. The access is available from any location with internet availability ensuring that working between the office and home is simple, as your desktop will always be available, just as you left it, offering a consistent environment.

If you want to find out more about our hosted desktop solutions, Desktop as a Service (Daas) or find out more about how we can provide a bespoke innovative IT cloud-based solution for your business, contact us here.

Hosted Desktop Support

Receive dedicated support with CitadelCare whilst using Citadel’s Hosted Desktop. Our friendly UK-based team and experienced cloud engineers ensure that your business runs smoothly on your cloud hosted platform, which includes onboarding and early life support of your system.

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    Whilst our cloud hosting platform provides a bespoke, all-in-one solution to your business, it is in fact the Citadel Technology team that take pride in supporting each of our customers. We firmly believe in helping businesses to focus on their work, not their IT. That is why we offer more than just a hosted desktop – we provide you with a hosted business. Our people are the heart and soul behind the technology, working to deliver a premium service to all of our customers.


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    Having eyes on your business at all times can give you peace of mind that someone is looking out for you. That is why with your Citadel Technology platform, it comes with 24/7 monitoring, meaning you can leave it up to us to make sure everything runs smoothly.


    Keeping your data protected is one of our top priorities. Alongside anti-virus and malware software, your data is stored in data centres meeting ISO 27001 accreditation, dedicated towards keeping your business data secure.


    Our Tier 3 secure data centres are supported by ISO 22301 accreditation, which is pivotal in managing threats and minimising downtime. We pride ourselves in saying that our customers can work anytime with minimal disruption to their business.


    We tailor each system to meet the bespoke business requirements for our clients. What is different is not just the way we have put our technology together but the way we have developed our management portal that is specifically designed to make the day to day administration simple. We do all the demanding IT back office tasks and our unique management portal empowers your IT stakeholder to manage your users.


    Businesses need to move to the cloud to provide a secure, flexible and scalable working solution for their users so they can just work. Using our hosted desktop, Azure and Microsoft 365 services provides your business with the surety of knowing how and when applications are launched, that they are protected, and data is maintained within the environment. The Citadel Technology UK-based secure desktop provides that “door” into your work environment.