What is a Hosted Desktop?

Citadel’s Hosted Desktop is like working on your PC, but “virtually” in the cloud. Essentially, it is a computer controlled over the internet. The Citadel difference is that by connecting to our Hosted Desktop, you are connecting into a secure, managed environment which is looked after by the Citadel Team.

We help business by providing a consistent experience across any device, whether that be your computer, laptop, tablet or even your mobile phone! Citadel Technology’s aim is to help keep your business operating and your team working, no matter the circumstances.

Why Should You Use a Hosted Desktop?

Flexible Working

Enable your team to work from anywhere, anytime and on any device simply through an internet connection, with access to all company files and applications.


Controlled IT Costs

Remove the need for an expensive on-site server, IT maintenance and business continuity services by moving to the cloud, with a monthly pay-as-you-go solution.


Enhanced Security

Protect your business against cyber attacks and unpredictable disasters with anti-virus, firewall protection and 24/7 security monitoring, all in the Citadel bubble.


Components of Citadel’s Hosted Desktop

Hosted Applications

Access line of business software and applications required within your company, allowing your team to seamlessly work.

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File Sharing Platform

Create, edit and share work as a team in a secure environment, taking work productivity and team work to the next level.

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Managed Cloud Backups

Keep your data in a secure environment that is backed up to the cloud daily, providing you with a trusted business continuity plan.

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Email Hosting

Access to your emails, tasks, calendars and contacts without the hassle of an in-house email server, available from any device, anywhere.

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Administration Portal

Be in control of your virtual environment, manage your team and monitor business activities using an intuitive portal.

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Security Management

Work in peace as we filter out malicious content and prevent cyber attacks day and night, all year round.

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Hosted Desktop Support

Receive dedicated and thorough care from our support team when using the Citadel Hosted Desktop. Our team are here to ensure that your business runs smoothly on your cloud hosted platform, which includes onboarding and early life support of your system.

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    For information about this and more details on how we use your data please follow this link to view our Privacy Policy.


    Whilst our cloud hosting platform provides a bespoke, all-in-one solution to your business, it is in fact the Citadel Technology team that take pride in supporting each of our customers. We firmly believe in helping businesses to focus on their work, not their IT. That is why we offer more than just a hosted desktop – we provide you with a hosted business. Our people are the heart and soul behind the technology, working to deliver a premium service to all of our customers.


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    Having eyes on your business at all times can give you peace of mind that someone is looking out for you. That is why with your Citadel platform, it comes with 24/7 monitoring, meaning you can leave it up to us to make sure everything runs smoothly.


    Keeping your data protected is one of our top priorities. Alongside anti-virus and malware software, your data is stored in data centres meeting ISO 27001 accreditation, dedicated towards keeping your business data secure.


    Our data centres are supported by ISO 22301 accreditation, which supports managing threats and minimising downtime. We pride ourselves in saying that our customers can work throughout the year with minimal disruption to their business.


    Each hosted desktop solution varies from customer to customer. That is why we tailor each system to meet the business requirements for our customers, meaning that you only pay for what you ask for.