Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hosted desktop?

A ‘Hosted Desktop’ is essentially a computer that is controlled over the internet. By connecting to the Citadel Hosted Desktop (“Citadel Desktop” for short), you are connecting into a secure, managed environment which is looked after by the Citadel team. We bring all of your most used, business critical functions together by providing access to them from one convenient location. The fact this is hosted means it is accessible from anywhere with an active internet connection.


What is the difference between a ‘Hosted Desktop’ and a ‘Desktop as a Service’ (DaaS)?

DaaS is a service, in which you have your desktop, applications and backups as extra, along with other additional costed services. If the system was to go down, then it can be back up and running within a few hours, but with no guarantee on data recovery.

With Citadel’s Hosted Desktop, it is the full sum of all products provided. This includes:

  • Desktop access (DaaS)
  • Office installed as default
  • 30 day rolling backups
  • Security measures
  • Spam filtering on emails
  • Email accounts and dedicated server storage
  • Share drive to collaborate with other staff members
  • Private file and folder area
  • Management portal to administer Users
  • Support Team on hand to provide support and manage the system.

These are just a few of the features which come a part of the Citadel Hosted Desktop package.


How do I set up my hosted desktop?

We will setup your initial user and create a login to our Administration Portal for yourself and any other Company Administrators you have. A member of our Technical Team will be on hand to assist and demonstrate the functions of our Administration Portal. Alternatively, we can configure all of the relevant accounts for you.


What is a Company Administrator?

A ‘Company Administrator’ is a nominated member of staff that usually makes business level decisions, often from the IT, HR or Accounting teams.

Company Administrators gain access to the Administration Portal (otherwise known as Management Portal), which will allow them direct access to Administer and manage their own users/estate.


Can my hosted desktop have multiple Company Administrators?

Yes, you can have Company Administrators with differing levels of access, which can also be configured on a departmental basis, or to only allow simple changes like a password resets.


Where is my business data stored?

We only use UK based data centres to store your data, therefore your data never leaves the UK.


How often is my data backed up?

We provide one daily backup which is taken overnight and kept on record for 30 days.


How secure are the data centres?

Your data will be stored in ISO accredited data centres, which feature on-site engineers and security measures to ensure the protection of your data in-person and in the cloud. You can find out more about this on our Data Centres page.


Which software can you host?

We host a variety of differing software for our customers, consisting mainly of, but not limited to, windows-based applications.


What happens if I lose internet connection whilst on my hosted desktop?

Your session will remain suspended until you can reconnect to the internet, in which case you can pick-up where you left off.


Do I need specialist equipment to run a hosted desktop?

No, in fact you don’t need a powerful computer at all. The Citadel Desktop session can run from tablets and mobile devices too.


Do I need to be in the office to run a hosted desktop?

No, your hosted desktop system is available from anywhere with an active internet connection.


Can you migrate my physical server?

Yes, we can turn your physical server into a virtual one and run it the same as it is. However, if possible, we would prefer to build a new Windows Server system and install applications, then migrate your data.


Can I print or scan with a hosted desktop?

Yes, when connecting into your Citadel Desktop, any printers mapped to the local machine will be made available seamlessly from the Citadel Desktop.

Will my applications run on a hosted desktop as quickly as they do now?

Yes, applications are quick and responsive from the Citadel Desktop.


What Operating System do I need to access a hosted desktop?

Any operating system that allows you to use the latest version of all popular browsers, such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, will allow you to access your hosted desktop. These include but are not inclusive to:

  • Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10.
  • Mac OS 10+
  • Android, iOS.


What happens to my existing IT infrastructure when moving to a hosted desktop?

When moving to a hosted desktop, your IT infrastructure can be removed, along with any associated support costs.


How quickly can my business be up and running?

To set up a new system for you and your Users would not take long, depending on the volume of users and data. Why not give our team a call on 0345 340 2120 to discuss your current system and requirements further?


Can I keep my existing email addresses?

Yes, we can migrate these over for you on your hosted desktop system. Our expert Support Team can also manage your DNS servers too, making switching even easier as they will make any relevant changes that are required.


How many email addresses can I have up to?

As many as you would like or require! Adding your domain(s) to our systems will allow you to create multiple alias addresses for each of your accounts, on top of the primary address.


What is an alias address?

An alias address is an additional email address which is associated with your primary email. With this, you use the same inbox, contact list, and account settings as your primary email address. Senders can send to either your primary address or alias address and you will receive the email in your inbox, as normal.

This allows you to be easily reachable if a user may struggle to remember your full email address. Other benefits are that companies sometimes use alias addresses when phasing out an old address. You retain the ability to send and receive emails to an old domain, whilst phasing out into a new domain, for as long as you wish.


Will I be able to manage my own users?

Yes, any of your nominated Company Administrators will be able to login to our Administration Portal. This allows nominated/trusted members of staff to control access to your system.


Can I install my own software?

You will not be able to install an application yourself, as the Citadel Hosted Desktop is locked down to prevent unwanted access. However, any software you wish to access will be installed by the Citadel Team, to ensure full functionality and that there are no negative knock-on effects.


How much file and email storage do I get?

This depends on the number of users and the plan that you are on. This can be customised and more storage can be added, if required.


Can I have data and applications that only certain staff can access?

Yes, we can lock certain files and folders down to prevent unwanted access. This can also be extended to applications as well.


Can I use more than one monitor?

Yes, the Citadel Hosted Desktop can easily make use of multiple screens.  We can show you how to set this up virtually if necessary.


How do I contact the Support Team?

We have a separate email and phone number for our Support Team.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 0345 340 2110


How can I see if the Citadel servers are down?

Should you be experiencing connectivity issues, the first place to check would be the Citadel Status page:

If there are no reports on the status page, please give the Technical Team a call on 0345 340 2110 for further assistance, in which case the team will immediately investigate and advise.