Citadel’s Hosted Desktop

A hosted desktop is the term used to describe your business virtually replicated into the cloud. Similar to a Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS), Citadel’s Hosted Desktop enables your business to work from anywhere and anytime, providing a consistent experience on any device – all you need is an internet connection.

It is the perfect solution for businesses on-the-go, as well as businesses looking for a flexible and secure working environment. With a hosted desktop, you bring your office with you so that you can concentrate on what really matters: the ability to just work.

Benefits of Citadel’s Hosted Desktop

  • Simple user management
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Flexible working
  • Scalability of business
  • Enhanced IT security
  • Control IT costs
  • Powerful performance
  • Improve productivity
  • Built-in business continuity
  • Virtual workforce collaboration
  • Reduce energy usage
  • Maximum uptime

Modern IT Versatility


Our all-in-one virtual desktop is a bespoke build, designed with a collaboration of technologies, to enable your business to just work. Citadel Technology will take care of your IT or, just as important, empower your IT managers role. By letting us focus on your IT delivery, your IT manager can focus on delivering your IT strategies. By investing in our hosted desktop, you remove the need for an on-site server and all its associated costs, saving your business time, money and resources.

Advanced Security and Resiliency

Citadel’s UK cloud desktop offers a cloud-based solution that is a “virtual” replacement of your local PC. In a just a couple of clicks, you can work as you normally would, accessing all of your familiar apps and functionality. The only difference is that rather than being stored locally, your data is securely stored in our UK-based data centres. With a focus always on uptime and ISO 27001 and ISO 22301 accreditations, we can assure you that your business data is protected.

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How does Citadel’s Hosted Desktop Work?

With a hosted desktop, you can avoid large-scale hardware investment, as well as worrying about updating individual desktop licenses and software. Citadel Technology handle all updates and patches to your IT at a manageable monthly price.

We will migrate all your data from your current environment to the Citadel cloud, leaving all the heavy lifting to Citadel – basically, leave it to us! Supported by the latest antivirus and anti-malware defences, you have the peace of mind knowing your business runs smoothly, whilst we take care of your IT in the background.


    For information about this and more details on how we use your data please follow this link to view our Privacy Policy.

    3 Reasons Why you should choose Citadel’s Hosted Desktop


    The Citadel team is dedicated in providing businesses of all sizes and types with practical cloud-based hosting solutions. Our unrivalled hosted desktop service is designed as a one-stop-shop for all your data storage, backups, recovery, security, licencing, user management and more.


    Our aim is to keep things as straightforward as possible. When you sign up for Citadel’s virtual desktop service, you receive an outstanding solution at a competitive cost per user. This streamlined approach helps your team to simply concentrate on their work and for you to focus on your business.


    Our team prides itself on delivering outstanding customer service and support. With Citadel Technology, you receive not only the latest technology and security for your business, but also our collective experience and knowledge within the IT industry.

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