Hosted Line of Business Applications

The world is evolving – and with that your team’s needs and expectations are growing. You need to provide them with a fast, secure and reliable virtual solution to access company documents and line of business software from any device, whenever they require to work.

Through Hosted Applications on your Citadel Hosted Desktop, you enable your team to just work in their environments, wherever that may be. By accessing your LOB software anytime, you are creating a seamless experience for all of your users – all while enhancing your business with the most reliable IT management and security.

Benefits of Hosted Applications on Citadel

  • Remove the headache of a local IT infrastructure
  • Free up more time for your IT employees
  • Protect line of business (LOB) software
  • Scalability coverage as your business grows
  • Experience greater work flexibility
  • Integrate Windows applications with Office and Office 365
  • Control your overall IT spend
  • Enable remote working for your employees
  • Ease of management with one system for all users
  • Intuitive system suitable for users of all experience levels
  • Boost productivity levels within your team
  • Compatible with all devices

Endless Possibilities

Gone with the days of storing company documents and information to a local PC in the office. Hosted applications, accessed via your hosted desktop, mimics your traditional office setup. Who said that working remotely limits your capability to work?

With virtual applications, the world is your oyster. You want to make amends to a document whilst on holiday in another country? You remembered that you need to send out a business-critical email but already left the office? You need to finish working on a presentation for an important meeting the next day?

Anything can be achieved with your hosted applications, only requiring an internet connection and your login details to your hosted desktop.

Integration of Your Business

Rather than local storage, everything is uploaded and shared within the cloud, privately within your company’s private tenancy. Any Windows applications can be hosted within your hosted desktop, along with everyday LOB programs essential to your company. These include Microsoft Office, Sage, CRM software, ERP software and accountancy software.

Alongside integrating popular and well-known software’s into your hosted desktop, we accommodate for businesses with less common and even bespoke software, ensuring that you can just work.

Peace of Mind

Citadel’s hosted application solutions make it easier than ever before to protect your business against unscheduled downtime. Our servers can be provisioned quickly and offer flexibility on the specifications such as CPU, memory and storage, as well as dedicated or shared Microsoft SQL. Each line of business application can be made available to users and delivered directly to your hosted desktop.


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    3 Reasons to choose Citadel Technology

    High-Quality Experience

    Compared to alternative methods of connecting to your LOB software, hosted applications through your Citadel Hosted Desktop help to manage your IT spending, increase speed and improve communications. You can say goodbye to the days of buffering and dropping out of video calls due to poor IT service connections.

    Enable Remote Working

    There is no way to say when, where or how business disruptions will occur, but with hosted applications through your desktop, you will have the best possibility to continue to keep your business operational and productive. Working with your virtual applications, you can stay ahead of demand and adapt with ease to unexpected hits, without additional strain on the company IT.

    Boost Team Productivity

    With over a 33% of employees wanting to choose where and how to work, enabling them to work remotely or on-the-go will help to increase employee productivity, as well as help with staff retention. Accessing their hosted applications enables teams to collaborate and share work effectively, communicate with ease and complete their work to the highest standard possible.

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