File Sharing Platform on Citadel’s Hosted Desktop

The ability to collaborate and connect as a team is vital for businesses, especially when working remotely. That’s why with the File Sharing Platform with a Citadel Hosted Desktop, you can take productivity to the next level.

With our platform, you can create, edit and share work between your team in the secure Citadel bubble within your desktop, with the ability to access them from any device, anywhere!

Why pay for additional file sharing software, such as OneDrive and DropBox, when you can have it all in one place, as part of your monthly subscription with your Citadel desktop?

Benefits of a File Sharing Platform on Citadel

  • Share and collaborate with your team
  • Access from anywhere, anytime, any device
  • Secure file sharing built for your business
  • Backed up to the cloud for protection
  • Free up more time for your employees
  • Boost in team productivity
  • Experience greater flexibility
  • Enhanced document security
  • Increase workflow completion rate
  • Eliminated file sharing size restrictions

Business as Usual

By simplifying data access to your business, you will empower your team to connect to data from anywhere, with peace of mind that it is safe when working remotely. Your business can collaborate with each other in real time, freeing yourself from tedious email threads and inbox-clogging attachments.

Accessible within the business, you can conduct business feedback and approvals at an increased rate, keeping your organisation running, even when unpredictable disasters transpire. Create your best work as a team, integrated with the latest software and application updates, regularly implemented by Citadel Technology.

No Limitations

With cloud file sharing, you can uphold a secure work environment when in the office or working remotely, keeping your most sensitive business data safe at all times. With the file sharing platform, you can enable large file sharing with no limitations, sending files up to 100GB. Alongside this, you can select your storage size and increase as and when needed.

There are no limitations to your business – strive towards simplified content collaboration as one so that you can just work.


    For information about this and more details on how we use your data please follow this link to view our Privacy Policy.

    3 Reasons to choose Citadel Technology

    No Setup Required

    Unlike the many file sharing services on the market, Citadel Technology will migrate your data to the cloud and into your own drive for optimal cloud file sharing collaboration. There are no sign-up fees or additional monthly payments, with no limitations to the number of users or devices – your business can just work.

    Accessible in One Secure Platform

    You will never have to switch between software’s and application’s again. With your documents stored within your hosted desktop, your team have the ease of working in the same environment at all times. Optimised for virtual apps and desktops, your business can access data through desktops, tablets, laptops and mobiles – there are no constraints.

    Multi-Level Security

    Alongside sharing files securely and regular backups to the cloud, your business sensitive data can be locked and tracked for added layers of protection, providing full control over who has access to specific files. Secure file sharing with your Citadel hosted desktop will allow for better control and visibility, ensuring your business upholds data security.

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