Email Hosting on Citadel’s Hosted Desktop

From internal communications through to contacting clients, emails are an indispensable aspect of business. With a hosted desktop, you can have access to secure and reliable hosted emails on your platform, without the hassle and cost of maintaining an in-house email server.

Citadel Technology will store all your emails, tasks, calendars and contacts within our secure UK-based data centres, accessible on your hosted desktop and via a browser across the internet. Compatible on all devices, your team can connect efficiently when working remotely to collaborate on projects, tasks and meetings. We provide you with the necessary tools and communications so that your business can just work.

Benefits of Citadel Email Hosting

  • Access to emails, tasks and calendars from anywhere
  • Control your IT costs
  • Create, edit and manage users in your portal
  • Regular backups of document attachments
  • Monitor email usage by your team
  • Anti-virus and anti-spam filtering
  • Enhanced business continuity measures
  • Flexibility and scalability of users
  • Compatible with all devices
  • Boost team productivity and communication

Take Control of Your Emails

At Citadel Technology, we work hard to deliver outstanding email control to all our customers. This includes control over your domain and your users, benefitting from anti-spam and anti-virus protection as well.

With hosted emails on your Citadel hosted desktop, you will have seamless synchronisation across a multitude of devices, with necessary memory space so that you never run out. You have power over your email environment, but the Citadel team are also available to offer assistance when it is needed.

Spam Filtering

With email hosting for business, we will provide around the clock filtering of suspected spam and viruses, ultimately protecting your business from cyber attacks. In addition to this, your users can review their spam folder, showing the number of blocked emails from the last 14 days. Your users have full control over their emails, in which they can choose to delete or deliver messages into their inbox, as well as deciding which email addresses they trust for future correspondences.

Easy Migration to the Cloud

If you already have an existing email hosting provider but are thinking about switching, you don’t have worry. With Citadel, we can migrate all your data into the cloud and ensure everything is carried over, ready for your business to continue operations. Our Citadel experts are on-hand to begin your email server migration process at any moment.


    For information about this and more details on how we use your data please follow this link to view our Privacy Policy.

    3 Reasons to choose Citadel Email Hosting

    Freedom to Grow Your Business

    We enable your business to have the flexibility to scale users as and when needed. You can easily scale in-line with the growth of your business, paying a cost-efficient monthly price per user.

    Data Sovereignty

    You have the peace of mind that your data never leaves the UK. With Citadel’s data centres, all back-ups and email hosting are stored in the UK, guaranteeing your business data sovereignty.

    Protection of Your Business Data

    Citadel Technology use advanced tools to protect your business information with our email hosting service. Through robust measures, we provide next-generation email scanning, link checking and filtering for spam, viruses and cyber attacks.

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