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The introduction of Citadel’s Hosted Desktop helped to improve work productivity and enhance Caltech CRM’s email hosting.

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Caltech CRM switch from on-premise to Citadel Technology’s secure hosted platform

Established in 1999, Caltech CRM have grown their reputation and skills as CRM consultants, working in partnership with their customers to ensure that their Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement solution delivers to its full potential.

From scoping customers projects to implementation to training, Caltech CRM provide a complete end-to-end service so that their customers can experience the full benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Even though they are based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, Caltech CRM work with organisations across the UK, supporting businesses and becoming a reliable Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner for years to come.

Why did Caltech make the switch?

Rebecca Fawcett, one of the Account Manager’s at Caltech CRM, explained that before moving to the cloud, they were based on-premise. One of the main incentives for moving to the cloud was to look for a more efficient solution for their email hosting and to make it easier for the Caltech team to be updated when on the move.

“Prior to working with the Citadel team, the job of acquiring Microsoft licensing was our Technical Director’s. However, this was often time consuming and complicated. But since we decided to make the switch from on-premise to the cloud, our Technical Director has found he now has more time to focus on Caltech’s core objectives. This is all because of the simple ordering process on the hosted desktop.

“Working on the road as an Account Manager, I don’t have a lot of time to react to change, so working with Citadel has made it easy for me to access my desktop remotely without hardly any changes at all. This has managed to save me so much time and stress. Having the ability to work without obstructions has allowed me to operate and discover a number of the cities around the UK I wouldn’t have usually been able to work from”.

By choosing a cloud-based solution with Citadel’s Hosted Desktop, Caltech CRM have seen a boost in team productivity and efficiency, with the added benefit of a secure business continuity plan in place. This has proven to be crucial during the UK lockdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic, in which the team at Citadel have continued to work seamlessly from home.

As well as being secure and efficient at ensure that businesses can continue to work anytime and anywhere, the setup of Citadel’s hosted desktop is proven to be simple and easy for our customers.

“Moving to Citadel was extremely smooth and painless. Andy and his team gave me all the information I needed right at the beginning of the transition, so I never felt in the dark. They still provide a quick and friendly support service for any questions or issues I may have from time to time. Their support team are fantastic at answering my questions and it shows that they care for their customers…I know that if I ring or email someone at Citadel, I will get a response within minutes, and that’s what I love about them.

“If my circumstances were to ever change, I would always hope to work alongside the Citadel team in the future”.

Our main goal for Caltech was ensuring that the team could work efficiently and securely when on the move, causing no disruption to their current workload. Not only have we managed this through our hosted workspace, we have help Caltech CRM to reduce their IT budget. Moving to a hosted desktop meant changing to a manageable monthly operating expense from an expensive up-front CAPEX plan.

This has helped Caltech to invest in alternative areas within their organisation and to re-focus on expanding their business further nationwide.