The Citadel Bubble: The importance of secure Hosted Desktops

Benefits of Desktop Security

When managing a remote or hybrid workforce, it’s critical that every person has secure access to the resources and tools they require to complete their job without jeopardising your company’s confidential data or valuable assets. With the help of a hosted desktop solution, your workforce network can benefit from a flexible, cloud-based architecture that allows flexible working and offers high levels of security.

Some Hosted Desktop security benefits for hybrid-work environments include:

Unmanaged and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Protection: Employees frequently prefer to work on their own devices because they frequently operate outside of the traditional office environment. IT workers may find this difficult because they are unsure of how secure such BYO devices are. Wit hthe right hosted desktop solution, you can utilise a secure browser to isolate each session and make sure that browser-based attacks are limited to the end-user device. Additionally, you can make sure that all network devices, including unmanaged and BYO devices, are shielded from malware, malicious URLs, and keyloggers by implementing a robust zero trust security strategy.

Protection for Applications and APIs: Instead of being network-based, more than 90% of IT vulnerabilities are application-based, and they can grow exponentially. Application delivery is key here. By using web application firewalls, distributed denial of service (DDoS) prevention, bot management, and authentication with layered protection for apps and APIs, you can consistently manage security throughout your whole network.

Access Control and Tracking: Again, IT teams may feel like they are surrendering control when using a cloud-based infrastructure, but with Hosted Desktop security, they will have complete control over who has access to an organisation’s apps, as well as real-time data and logs that show who logged in and when. Even better, your IT department’s access control is made simpler with a single access point.

Simplify logins: Having layers of security doesn’t mean having to add complexity to your user experience. In fact, single sign-on (SSO) capabilities that link them to the Hosted secure desktop can streamline your employees’ experience. With SSO, end users can log into all of their apps with a single password, encouraging the usage of stronger passwords and preventing the overuse and exposure of login information. Making use of multiple access controls and multi-factor authentication (MFA) together helps to guarantee that only authorised users can log in.

Safe collaboration: While working remotely has made it unnecessary to be in the office, it hasn’t made it unnecessary for coworkers, teams, and departments to collaborate. With today’s hosted desktop options, you can feel confident knowing that any data exchanged within your company is protected using AES 256 encryption.

Constant and automated updates: The best hosted desktop solutions relieve your IT department of the responsibility of maintaining system updates. Instead, your network and users are protected from every one of the latest known threats by automated updates from different threat intelligence engines.

Protecting Your Hybrid Workforce with ‘The Citadel Bubble’

The IT manager and other stakeholders in your organisation may experience anxiety over security issues while deploying a hybrid workforce. Maintaining employee training on security best practices and your company’s data handling policies can greatly contribute to the security of your enterprise. That is only part of the puzzle, though. The Citadel Bubble prioritises Hosted Desktop security, calming any concerns your management team may have about security risks to your hybrid workforce.

Along with providing your workforce with a secure Hosted desktop, The Citadel Bubble also allows you to:

Lower costs: The Citadel Bubble lowers installation costs since it eliminates the need for new hardware purchases or the replacement of current on-premises resources. Additionally, scaling up or down on demand is made simple by our predictable, subscription-based consumption model.

Save time: The Citadel Bubble offers options to roll out new hosted desktops with only a few clicks, enabling quick and simple expansion to the cloud. Therefore, there is no need to maintain patches and updates or set up servers.

Streamline management: To simplify IT operations, you can access and manage all of your service offerings through the Citadel Management Portal. Additionally, regardless of where new workloads are needed, you can easily deploy, manage, and monitor them by utilising Citadel’s hosted desktop, “The Citadel Bubble.”