A recent study showed that 38% of people in the UK have little to no understanding of what the cloud is and many didn’t realise that they use cloud services every day. However, many business owners have concerns about switching to the cloud because of what they have heard, but a lot of the time, it happens to be rumours and misinformation.

Here are the top three misconceptions about cloud hosting de-bunked!

The Cloud is Not Secure – False

Security is one of the biggest concerns for businesses who are thinking of switching to the cloud, especially with the increase of cyber-attacks in the UK since the start of the global pandemic. However, there is nothing to be afraid of.

One of the biggest risks to a cloud hosting provider is a security breach, so here at Citadel Technology, we ensure that our efforts to combat such are extensive. Our UK based data centres are heavily invested in time, knowledge and effort to ensure that the security levels are higher than that of an in-house department.

Plus, data breaches are not usually caused due to security issues… In fact, 9 times out of 10, a data breach is caused by human error, in which the chances of that happening in a cloud environment, such as a data centre, are extremely slim.

Cloud Hosting is Expensive – False

This seems to be one of the most common myths about moving to the cloud. By moving to the cloud, you can reduce or eliminate all together the need for your businesses to purchase equipment and pay to maintain it. This presents a significant savings on hardware, facilities and utilities. Also, there is no need for an on-site server anymore, meaning that you can trim down your IT budget and invest elsewhere.

Like with many of our customers at Citadel Technology, switching to the cloud on a monthly subscription rate has decreased their IT budget and allowed for easier management of budget. With a hosted desktop through the cloud, you can pay the same monthly fee and you will have the latest hardware and software updates, without paying the cost of implementing and maintaining your IT infrastructure.

Moving to the Cloud means you have No Control over your Data – False

Moving from an on-site IT infrastructure to the cloud simply means migrating you data, software and apps to store in the cloud. There is only one time that a business will experience any loss of control when moving to the cloud, and that is when they decide which tasks they want to pass onto their provider.

Moving to the cloud means that you will still have the ability to update your data, monitor your applications and expand your resources to match with your business growth.

It’s similar to when you back-up your phone to the cloud – you still remain have control over your data at all times. For example, with an iPhone, you can back-up your contacts, images, music and so on, meaning that you can save on storage space on your phone. You can choose which of your personal data is backed up and at any given time, you can access it, make edits and remove it. The choice is up to you.

Are you Ready to Move to the Cloud?

The cloud can be a scary concept, especially when it is something that we cannot physically see. But it is a technology that has been fast approaching the industry for the last 20 years, with advancements and improvements being made to the service all the time.

With Citadel’s Hosted Desktop, we can help your business take the next step in revolutionising your business model. So, what are you waiting for?

Our team would be more than happy to discuss your business requirements and speak about our hosted desktop in more detail! Enquire on our website or call 0345 340 2120 to talk directly with a member of the Citadel team today.