Protect your business from rising cyber attacks in the UK

Since the start of the pandemic, businesses have had to adapt to become more dynamic and adjust to a new way of life, whilst technology has continued to advance further to help provide and cater to meet company requirements.

At the same time, cyber criminals have advanced and crafted new ways to attack businesses and individuals working remotely, finding ways to attack and exploit their vulnerabilities.

How Cyber Attacks Have Impacted UK Businesses

A recent UK study showed that in the last year, 88% of businesses in the United Kingdom have fallen victim to a breach in their security. Usually, it is small-to-medium sized businesses that are more likely to be attacked. In the same report, it showed that there are 65,000 attacks on SMEs each day and around 4,500 of these hit their target.

With this being said, it is only just the beginning of more uncertain times. Cyber criminals’ prey on societal vulnerabilities, which is why scams have increased by 400% in March alone, making COVID-19 the largest security threat worldwide. With this being said, the largest source of data breaches remains people and processes rather than technology.

As of July 8th, victims of COVID-19 related scams have lost over £11 million collectively. We are not saying that people have suddenly forgotten how to identify a phishing email, or that they have become more gullible in the past 7 months. Instead, people have become used to big changes in small messages.

These statistics are just the tip of the iceberg as to how businesses and individuals have been impacted during the lockdown in the UK, showing the urgency for improved security measures to combat this new era of cyber-attacks.

The best part is though, the technology to allow your business to work securely from home has existed for years. Unfortunately, it has been a slow transition from on-site premises to the cloud for many organisations. But it isn’t too late to change…

How to Protect your Business against Cyber Threats

With the increase in threat level to businesses since the start of COVID-19 and with October marking the 17thannual Cybersecurity Awareness Month, now more than ever would be the right time to review your cyber security measures, and to up the ante to ensure your company is protected at all times.

We can help you to find your solution – with Citadel’s Hosted Desktop, you will have your data securely stored in our tier-3 datacentres, based in the UK, so you don’t have to worry about your data leaving the country. With around-the-clock monitoring, regular maintenance and extensive security checks and testing, you can feel safe knowing that your business, your team and your data are shielded against cyber attackers.

Are your ready to take the next step in protecting your company?