Benefits of a Hosted Desktop

You may be thinking, is a Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution really that beneficial to my business and is it worth it? The answer to that question is: absolutely!

The ability to bring your office to the comfort of your own home is a major benefit of a hosted desktop, especially in the current coronavirus crisis that businesses are facing. COVID-19 has meant that many employers are scrambling to find a remote working solution. Citadel’s hosted desktop solutions mean that your workers won’t miss out on a single second of work.

We can implement your DaaS solution within 24 hours (depending on data migration size), so your business can continue to operate at full speed. This will provide a fool proof solution to remote working and make sure you don’t go through any stress trying to integrate every single one of your workers into home working; instead, we’ll do it for you.

Because of how quick we can implement the DaaS solution, your business won’t be affected, and workloads won’t build up over a long amount of time causing workers to try and catch up on work. Citadel’s experts can implement the hosted desktop quickly and effectively; you simply don’t have to worry.

Citadel provides tailored IT support and business continuity solutions – you can be working seamlessly from home within 24 hours and have our support team on-hand to help with anything you need. Our DaaS setup is flexible, secure and saves you time and money. Let us focus on your IT whilst you focus on your business. You will never again have to worry about managing multiple desktops, installations or general maintenance tasks; we can do it all for you and leave you to concentrate instead on what is important.