So, You Think you are Working Flexibly?

There is a common misconception around the wording ‘flexible working’. Many people just believe it to be working from home or working flexitime. However, it is much more than that, and the pandemic moving most of the nation to working from home has proved that exact point.

Whilst working from home has proved that you can work in and out of the office, the limitations to accessing, carrying out and completing work are in fact hindering businesses from working to their full capabilities, just as they would in the office.

At Citadel Technology, we have a very clear idea as to what flexible working is.

It is the ability to just work.

Whether this be in the office, out of the office or halfway across the world, there are zero limitations in your ability to work, in which you have the same working experience no matter the circumstances (depending on your internet connection). This is the true meaning of flexible working.

Citadel lunch and Learn – March 31st 2021

In our Citadel Lunch and Learn webinar in March, we discussed the limitations that are preventing flexible working for many businesses across the UK. These include:

  1. Why VPNs are hindering business’
  2. The security risks of working on local devices
  3. The high costs of finding information

On top of this, we looked into how businesses can have the same working experience wherever you are. There are three types of working environments that we go in-depth about: private cloud, public cloud and a hybrid cloud environment.

Since this was a Citadel Lunch and Learn, the mention of Citadel’s Hosted Desktop did not go amiss, especially considering that this is one of the ways that employees can work flexibly. We also focused on Microsoft Azure and Office 365 (or as it is now called Microsoft 365).

This webinar was hosted in partnership with our parent company, Synergy Technology, with Citadel Technology’s director Andy Hughes presenting.

Download the PDF version of the webinar presentation here:

Citadel Lunch + Learn March Presentation