What is a Hosted Desktop (DaaS)?

Businesses all over the UK are now using Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) for all their data requirements. But what actually is a hosted desktop and how does it work?

DaaS securely delivers your virtual desktop from the cloud to any location or device. All your workforce needs is an internet connection to access the desktop – Citadel will do the rest. Your workers are then able to view all their files anywhere they go.

So how will this benefit your business now that we’re in a COVID-19 world?

During the current global pandemic, many businesses have switched over to a hosted desktop. This is because DaaS gives workers the flexibility to work from anywhere. Remote working has become the centre of attention for businesses during COVID-19 due to the enforcement of lockdown by the government. A hosted desktop means that workers can have a seamless integration into home working as it’s so easy to implement for them. Employee safety is ensured as there’s no need for an employee to be physically at work when they’ve got all they need at home on their own device.

This is why DaaS is one of the best business continuity solutions to implement during the current pandemic.

Why choose Citadel for your hosted desktop solutions?

• Full support available to you
• Unrivalled security – your data is safe
• We back up your data
• Powerful performance
• Simple user management – easy to use
• Flexible work location and hours
• Saves money and time

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