Many companies don’t have a plan for if their office or systems become damaged or unavailable. Panic would ensue for both employees and employers, which could cause long-lasting negative effects for the company. Citadel’s business continuity solutions provide you with peace of mind; if something unexpected does happen to your office space, and you can’t access it, we can make sure your business is not disrupted and your employees can carry on where they left off.

As ministers make decisions on limiting the social contact, people have to reduce the spread of coronavirus, it might be time you considered the ability of your business continuity plan to facilitate this important change to working practices. Citadel can enable all users to work from home during this time, which is recommended by government officials due to the spread of COVID-19. Your employees will be safer and happier, your business will also keep running and many studies suggest that working from home can even increase your employees’ productivity levels and morale.

Business continuity can be implemented swiftly. This prevents costly downtime and is critical during these difficult times for businesses.

If you want to know more about how Citadel’s hosted desktop solution comes with built-in business continuity, enabling your business to work from anywhere and everywhere, then visit our hosted desktop or speak to one of our team members by calling 0345 340 2120 today.