Video Conferencing vs The Spread of Coronavirus

When it comes to the prevention of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the workplace, utilising video conferences can be highly beneficial for you and your business. The use of video conferences can be handy in multiple situations.

  • The use of video really does add value – encourage all of your staff to use it as sometimes, voice is not enough
  • The ability to mute everyone in the call
  • It has the ability to run in a different way – agreeing on the rules on how the conference will be run from the outset and telling everyone will allow for an effortless meeting
  • You have the ability to raise a virtual hand to talk
  • Use of the chat facility can be important and can be handy when experiencing loss of verbal communication
  • Polls can work well within the group
  • You have the ability to blur your background to remove any visual distractions and allow for a professional video conference call.

We wish for all of our customers to stay safe during this duration of time with the increased risk and spread of COVID-19. If you wish to talk about other methods of homeworking during the upcoming weeks, please just call the help desk.