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Citadel Software Licensing – What is this?

For any business, keeping software licenses up to date can prove a demanding task. From local Microsoft Exchange server management to Microsoft Office licensing, costs can be unpredictable and cause you to spend resources disproportionately throughout the year. Software licensing management can help to alleviate these issues and ensure you can concentrate instead on what’s important – making your business a success. Citadel’s innovative platform is the answer. Migrate your systems to us, and we will provide a comprehensive management service as part of your subscription.

Advantages of software licensing management:

  • Avoid licenses expiring
  • Prevent costly downtime
  • Free up your time
  • Rest assured – you’re covered
  • Predictable costs year round
  • Keep licenses in order
  • Licenses issued to correct people
  • 100% official licenses


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Citadel software licensing – All Part of the Service

When you migrate your systems to Citadel’s secure hosted platform, you can rest assured that all your software licensing needs will be taken care of. Our IT professionals are experienced in the purchase, implementation and optimisation of many different license types, including Microsoft Office. We work hard to ensure all your users receive the correct licenses and that they are always kept up to date. This frees up your time and removes the worry of license expiry.

Citadel’s team will keep your software fully updated and issued with genuine licenses. This comprehensive service is all part of your subscription. Keeping your systems updated and licensed is key to avoiding security and support issues, ensuring that you can continue to operate successfully.

Key Features:

  • Included with your subscription
  • All types of software covered
  • Software management by IT professionals
  • Ensure your systems are optimised
  • Keep cyber secure
  • Avoid licensing conflicts
  • Issue correct licenses to correct individuals
  • Avoid wasting time organising renewals

At Citadel, we are dedicated at helping SMEs like yours to work more efficiently. Since so many line of business systems now rely solely on software, it is vital to give your systems the best chance to deliver consistent results. Updates and genuine licensing are the best way to ensure your business is set up to continue operating.

If you have any questions about this service and how it can benefit your business, please contact the Citadel team. Our friendly and knowledgeable professionals are on-hand to offer expert help and advice.

3 Reasons to choose Citadel

We are experts

We are IT experts dedicated to providing SMEs with data disaster recovery solutions. Our unrivalled expertise allows us to deliver a one-stop-shop service for all your data storage, recovery, security, licensing and user management requirements.


We aim to keep things as simple as possible. When you opt for data protection solution from Citadel, you will receive a secure, reliable hosting platform available from anywhere using an internet connection. This is delivered with a predictable and fixed monthly cost.


Citadel is the next generation of digital workspace and hosting solutions that combines the best technologies and a simplified management service, all based in the UK. Our team is always on-hand to deliver outstanding customer services and support.

Not sure about “The Cloud”?

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“We chose Citadel to provide our hosted workspace solution, and we wish we’d done it sooner. The desktop is perfect for many of our workers who need flexibility on their working hours and locations.” – A Customer

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