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How can Citadel Technology Help You?

Protected from security breaches

Your data is important to us, which is why we minimise massive security breaches by moving your business to a private cloud. Centralise your data, applications and emails in the cloud, shielded from attacks online.

Break free from a CapEx model

We eliminate wasteful spending on IT resources with a more simple pricing model that is easier to manage. Move your IT to an OpEx pricing model for a monthly subscription service that removes upfront costs.

Managed IT service in the cloud

Our team step into the role of managing your network within the cloud, enabling your technical experts to focus on in-house strategy. Free up time and IT resources for your business and we will take care of the rest.

Securing your business’ future

Benefit from daily backups to the cloud, scheduled by our team, providing you with built-in business continuity. In the case of a disaster, our backups are essential for minimising disruption to your business operations.

Scale users to meet your needs

You can experience complete control of your business data, with the freedom and scalability as your business grows. Get access to an intuitive system that can bend to your rules, with minimal training required.

Upgrade your IT support

We are passionate and excited about IT on your behalf. You with have access to our knowledge and expertise for all your IT needs, focused on providing you with a comprehensive hosted desktop solution that just works.

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    Does data still belong to me if it is in the cloud?

    Absolutely! Even though we store business data in our data centres, you have control over your information. Be careful with some cloud providers though as they have a clause which states they have ultimate control over your data.

    Why do I need a hosted desktop if my applications are already in the cloud?

    If you access multiple applications on the cloud outside of the Citadel bubble, you are increasing the risk of cyber attacks. Having your data stored in one location protected by additional security measures reduces the risk of data loss.

    Why is it safer to have my data stored in the cloud rather than on-site?

    If you have an on-site server, you run the risk of technical issues, stolen data and physical damage to your local server. By storing your data in the cloud, it is protected by extensive security measures and monitored around the clock.

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