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Citadel – IT Support – What is this?

Citadel Technology is a leading provider of IT support packages, based primarily on our flexible hosted platform. Particularly with updates and maintenance tasks, managing IT systems is a complex and time-consuming job. These aspects can drain your IT department’s time and resources, preventing them from working on ways to benefit your business. Citadel’s experts can take care of these tasks, freeing up your employees’ time to work on projects with greater business value.

Advantages of IT support:

  • Remove the need to perform menial tasks
  • Free up your employees’ time
  • Keep your workspace working smoothly
  • Optimise your Citadel solution
  • Problem solving and troubleshooting
  • Data backups available
  • No need to schedule updates
  • Reduced resource spending on simple tasks


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Daily tasks and chores can take up a considerable amount of your IT department’s time. This can prevent them from improving your website, conducting CRM or ERP improvements or otherwise improving process efficiencies within your company.

Citadel can complete these everyday tasks and maintenance jobs, letting your staff focus on your business’s needs instead. We also offer front line support for the whole of the Citadel platform; we’re here to support your Citadel Tenancy/environment and to keep it running efficiently.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive support available
  • Support on phone or online
  • Expert advice on demand
  • Emergency support should the worst happen
  • Backups for data and applications
  • Spend your resources where they’re needed
  • Ensure your IT department runs effectively
  • From our experienced IT experts

Why not let us support your business on our Citadel platform? We can ensure your workspace and data is fully supported and optimised without the need to take up your IT department’s time and resources.

To learn more about Citadel’s IT support packages or to get started on your own project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

3 Reasons to choose Citadel Technology

We are experts

We are IT experts dedicated to providing SMEs with practicable cloud hosting solutions. Our unrivalled expertise allows us to deliver a one-stop-shop service for all your data storage, recovery, security, licensing and user management requirements.


We aim to keep things as simple as possible. When you opt for a cloud hosting solution from Citadel, you will receive a secure, reliable hosting platform available from anywhere using an internet connection. This is delivered with a predictable and fixed monthly cost.


Citadel is the next generation of digital workspace and hosting solutions that combines the best technologies and a simplified management service, all based in the UK. Our team is always on-hand to deliver outstanding customer services and support, including data retrieval from our 30-day running back-up facility.

Not sure about “The Cloud”?

We are happy to explain what it is and how it can benefit your business.

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What our customers are saying

“We chose Citadel to provide our hosted workspace solution, and we wish we’d done it sooner. The desktop is perfect for many of our workers who need flexibility on their working hours and locations.” – A Customer

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