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Citadel – Cyber Security – What is this?

Cyber security is your defence against data theft and other malicious cyber-attacks. In today’s digital world, it is vital to have a reliable security system in place for all your electronic devices. This is never more important than in business, where sensitive data is held including payment details and personal data.

Advantages of cyber security:

  • Protect your data
  • Protect your customers
  • Safeguard your employees
  • Prevent costly downtime
  • Ensure legislative compliance
  • Receive automatic updates
  • Enjoy full support contracts
  • Be notified of unusual activity


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Citadel’s platform features the latest cyber security technology as well as real time support. We can ensure your business-critical information is as safe and secure as possible, creating an insurmountable obstacle to deter all but the most sophisticated attackers.

At Citadel, our IT experts have many years’ collective experience in providing a full security solution to clients. We take all aspects of security extremely seriously. The Citadel platform includes many key security features and actively monitors all evolving threats, with alerts set up to notify operators of any unusual activity. This includes large file uploads or downloads and many other anomalies.

Key Features:

  • Automated management
  • Active monitoring by Citadel professionals
  • Firewalls with up to date virus databases
  • Multi-step authentication available
  • Enterprise grade Intrusion Protection (IPS/IDS)
  • Alerts of activity deemed “outside the norm”
  • Access control available for all users
  • We swiftly relay key information to clients

We understand the importance of cyber security, especially with the high-profile cyber-attacks witnessed in recent years. That’s why we place special priority on all tasks related to security. With Citadel’s innovative platform, you can rest assured that your sensitive data is secure and that complex measures are in place to protect your business.

Could your business survive a major data breach? The implications of security break-ins should not be underestimated. Citadel’s IT professionals are ready to help you build a comprehensive contingency plan that will ensure legislative compliance.

3 Reasons to choose Citadel Technology

We are experts

We are IT experts dedicated to providing SMEs with practicable cloud hosting solutions. Our unrivalled expertise allows us to deliver a one-stop-shop service for all your data storage, recovery, security, licensing and user management requirements.


We aim to keep things as simple as possible. When you opt for a cloud hosting solution from Citadel, you will receive a secure, reliable hosting platform available from anywhere using an internet connection. This is delivered with a predictable and fixed monthly cost.


Citadel is the next generation of digital workspace and hosting solutions that combines the best technologies and a simplified management service, all based in the UK. Our team is always on-hand to deliver outstanding customer services and support.

Not sure about “The Cloud”?

We are happy to explain what it is and how it can benefit your business.

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“We chose Citadel to provide our hosted workspace solution, and we wish we’d done it sooner. The desktop is perfect for many of our workers who need flexibility on their working hours and locations.” – A Customer

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